3 comments on “Christian´s Micra

  1. hey mate love the setup can u give me specs? im running 17x7j with 185/35 and short koni yellows and custom springs but wanna go lower

    • y00. I have 15×7″ and tyres 165/45

      I have stock Shocks with no springs in the front. And just 2-3 laps of springs on the rear shocks.

      If you want to go really low, try extended tophats.

  2. so i guess the tyres are nankang NS2s they are very popular in japan on Kcars, so you almost on bumps all round!you crazy man i love it. im in taiwan at the moment so K11s are popular here so ill get some coil overs and maybe get them modded.
    im wanting to get a set of 15×8 steelies with 185/45 when i get back to Oz.

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